Worthing Community Chest


In November 2016, the Worthing Community Chest considered grants from many societies, businesses and local companies to support their projects and activities that enable social and economic well being in the Worthing area. We are beyond excited to announce that this wonderful charity very kindly donated £800 to Worthing Drama Company to help with the hiring of our venue (both rehearsals and performance)!

To see their feature on WDC, and their other fantastic recipients, click here.

The response we have had from local businesses, the community and now the Worthing Community Chest has been truly fantastic. We are so overwhelmed by the support we’ve had (and continue to have) for our new venture. It goes to show that perhaps theatre isn’t on the way out as many believe – quite the opposite!

A vital part of any theatrical company is the venue. To be able to perform in a space such as the Sealight Theatre in Worthing is such a privilege. Not only is the space itself perfect for the shows we have in mind but it has all the latest technology so our sound and lighting will only enhance the production for the audience. It is, after all, for them that we are doing this!

So, in closing, thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us on this amazing journey and a HUGE THANKS to Worthing Community Chest – we look forward to putting on some amazing theatre for you all.




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