Auditions will take place on Sunday 15th January at the Heene Community Centre (Room 2) at 4pm. The production will take place on 1-3 June 2017.
The 39 Steps was originally written by John Buchan as an early spy novel. It was later adapted into a film by Alfred Hitchcock and it is probably this version that most people are familiar with. The adaptation by Patrick Barlow has spent a long and successful run in the West End followed by a national tour. It was a critical success and in essence, it takes the film version and it’s 200+ characters and condenses it onto a stage with just four actors. Think reduced Shakespeare Company.
I think it is both a very funny piece whilst at the same time, being a real challenge for the actors involved. Done well, it should have the audience in fits of laughter. It requires good movement, excellent timing and strong characterisation.
Hannay: Pages 1-2
Annabella: Pages 6-9
Pamela: Pages 55-57
Margaret: Pages 27-28
Clown 1: Pages 16-20
Clown 2: Pages 16-20
I have scripts available, if you would like to see one ahead of the audition then please contact me.
Please note, as I stated earlier, this play was originally written to be performed by four people. There are three male characters and one female. I am happy to cast it with just four people, but if more people are interested and it suits the play then I will consider expanding the cast.
A lot of the comedy from the play comes from physical moves required of the characters and this is important to me. The other main facet is speed of delivery. If you have any questions about any of the parts, please don’t hesitate to contact me
– Hannay
He is the lead character and on all the time. He is the only fixed character and will need to learn a lot of lines. His age in the play is set as early 40s but there can be a degree of flexibility in this. He has a plummy English accent and has a pipe in his mouth. He is a sort of accidental secret agent and ends up foiling the plot of the bad guys.
– Clown 1 & Clown 2
Essentially, these two characters fill in all the other male parts in the show. They have approximately 12-14 parts each although some of them are very small indeed (a few lines at most). There are no restraints on age at all. Ideally they will need to be comfortable with physical theatre. There will be some very quick scene and character changes for both of these parts. Depending on the numbers of people auditioning, it could be that we have three or even 4 clowns sharing the parts between them.
-Annabella, Margaret & Pamela
Again, these three characters are supposed to be played by the same woman. However, if the numbers of people auditioning allow, they can be split.
Annabella is only on for the first few scenes and is essentially a German femme fatale. Age range can be flexible but ideally, between 25-50.
Margaret is the crofters daughter and is essentially a young female farm help. She is described as an incredibly pretty Scottish girl. She could be younger, say 18-40 but again, this can be flexible.
Pamela is Hannay’s love interest and is on for most of the second half. It is the largest female part by some way. She is described as breathtakingly beautiful. With regards to age, ideally she would be from 25-45 but the most important thing is the chemistry between her and Hannay.
Should you have any questions about the show or the audition, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Simon Vyvyan
Tel: 07703 586998

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